Copper is thought to have been mined for over 4000 years. It is an extremely malleable & ductile metal that is reddish in colour, possessing excellent electrical and thermal conductivity properties, together with good corrosion resistance.

Copper is also the main constituent metal in the manufacture of Brass and Bronze.

By the addition of small amounts of other elements, special properties can be obtained e.g. Tellurium Copper, Arsenical Copper, Beryllium Copper and Silver Bearing Copper.

It can be supplied as Oxygen Free, Phosphorus De-Oxidized, Electroltic, and Tough Pitch.


Relays, Switches, Power generation, Hot water cylinders, Roofing, Fancy goods, Electrical, Construction.


CW004A (C101) Cu-ETP
CW008A (C103) Cu-OF
CW0024A (C106) Cu-DHP
C10700 Cu-Ag