These alloys contain Nickel with Copper and small amounts of Iron and Manganese. A typical alloy within this range is the 400 grade (UNS N04400). This contains nominally 65% Nickel, 32 Copper, a maximum of 2% Manganese and 2.5% Iron

Alloy K500, also found within this group of alloys has additions of Titanium and Aluminium in order to enhance its strength and hardness after precipitation hardening.

These alloys are used where a higher strength is required compared to pure Nickel. They have a wider range of environments where they resist corrosion but in some specialised applications, where strong alkali contamination is likely, then Nickel would be superior.

These alloys are used widely in Oil refining and Marine applications where long corrosion-free life is required. Good thermal conductivity
lends the use of these alloys to the manufacture of heat exchangers, particularly where sea water is involved.


Heat exchangers, Chemical, Offshore, Oil & gas, Welding industries, Marine components, Aircraft rivets, Spectacle frames


Niclal 400 NiCu30Fe
Niclal 400 BC NiCu30FeLC
Niclal 404 NiCu54 Electronic grade
Monel TI NiCu30Ti
Niclal 400 Ti LC NiCu30FeLCTi
K500 NiCu30Al