Our relationship with CLAL ~ manufacturers of Nickel, Copper Nickel & Special Alloys in Sheet, Strip, Bar, Wire or Profile Forms ~ dates back to 1995

In 2001 NFS was appointed CLAL's sole UK / Eire Distributor. 2003 saw the connection strengthen even further when we became an equity partner ~ playing an integral part in the Management Buy-Out ~ further strengthening our long term partnership with CLAL

This has further enhanced our 'special relationship' which has certainly opened up new horizons enabling us to market our products throughout the Global Market
A major additional benefit is that CLAL's exclusive products are stocked & distributed from a UK base, reducing lead times and making them available on a JIT basis

For UK customers it means they
now enjoy the enhanced
benefits of this unique
supplier partnership
being able to tap into
the global market &
benefit from products
tailored to market demands
High Performance Alloys Product Manager

or direct to www.clal-msx.com