Pure Nickel has excellent corrosion resistance
in many corrosive environments, against a wide range of media in both air and water, & especially caustic alkalies. It is for this reason that it is used extensively as a protective coating.

Commercially pure Nickel possesses high electrical conductivity, compared to high nickel alloys, low gas content and also good magnetostrictive properties. In the annealed condition it is both malleable and ductile making it very suitable for cold working, particularly deep drawing. Unlike many other materials, it work hardens slowly.


Battery components, Shielding caps for Electronic equipment (RFI & EMI), Electrolyser membranes, Lighting parts, Vacuum tubes, Thermobimetal strips, Heat exchangers, Protective coatings in the Food industry, Chemical industry, Coinage & as an alloying agent, is used widely in Stainless Steels, Copper Nickels and "High Performance Alloys".


200 Ni99.2%
201 LC 99.0%
204 NiMn2
206 Ni99.6%
206BC LC Ni99.6%
233 UNS233 electronic grade
Nickel U Magnetostrive