Copper Nickel covers a wide variety of alloys that are single phase throughout the full range of compositions. There are many standard alloys within this range and most of them will have small amounts of other elements added to give the specific properties required.

Accurate control of resistivity during casting, typically +/- 5 %, explains why CuNiR alloys are widely used for resistance applications.CuNi44 exhibits unique resistivity stability to temperature change. It is also possible to cast a very low temperature coefficient of resistance grade.

Two alloys within this group which are often chosen for marine applications are, CN107 (C71500 containing 30% Nickel & CN102 (C70600) containing 10% Nickel. They both have the addition of Iron which improves the sea water corrosion resistance.

Special electronic CuNi25 and CuNi30 grades, with low impurity levels & very good inclusion control, are used to produce Draw rings or caps for hermetic relays and Vacuum circuit breakers.


Marine condenser tubes & Diesel coolers, Coinage & Mesh for the paper industry, De-salination Plants, Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & gas, Electrical resistance, Thermocouple, Heating elements for circuit breakers, Drawn parts for vacuum circuit breakers.


Niclal 02 CuNi2
Niclal 05 CuNi5
Niclal 06 CuNi6
Niclal 08 CuNi8
Niclal 10 CuNi10
Niclal 10 FE CuNi10Fe1Mn
Niclal 13 CuNi13
Niclal 15 CuNi15
Niclal 20 CuNi20
Niclal 23 CuNi23
Niclal 25 CuNi25
Niclal 30 CuNi30
Niclal 30 FE CuNi30Mn1Fe
Constantan 45 CuNi44Mn1
Constantan 45 TCR CuNi44Mn1Fe
Niclal 30A ASTM C71580
Electro grade
Niclal 30 TI CuNi30MnFeTi