Brass, in general, is a mixture of Copper and Zinc. There are then certain additions of other elements as alloying agents that will give specific characteristics, such as free machining or high tensile properties.

Brass is yellow in colour, has good corrosion resistance and possesses good thermal and electrical conductivity.

By varying the percentage of Copper and Zinc a wide range of resulting Brasses are produced, each with unique properties.

Brass is a malleable material that has excellent forming and drawing properties, combined with a good degree of strength. With the addition of Lead, Brass has excellent machining properties.

Our Processing Centre has the capacity to fabricate material from our extensive stock range, ROTARY SLIT to width - CUT TO LENGTH - GUILLOTINED BLANKS - SAWN CUT SECTION/ BARRELLED.


Fasteners, Locks, Security, Decorative, Electrical, Automotive, Electronics, General engineering, Connectors, Central heating valves, Building, Lighting products.


CW508L (CZ108) CuZn37
CW505L (CZ106) CuZn30
CW501L (CZ101) CuZn10
CW606N (CZ119) CuZn37Pb2
CW612N (CZ120) CuZn39Pb2
CW614N (CZ121) CuZn39Pb3
CW601N (CZ131) CuZn35Pb2